Zen Shiatsu

Over the years it has turned out that my sessions are at their best when they are not limited to a single method. When we let the session unfold based on the client’s intentions, wishes or issues and I am free to weave together everything I know. This is how Now was born.

At the beginning of each meeting, we discuss what has brought you agree on what today’s work is going to be. Often it is a mix of touch-based work – during which you simply relax and receive – and processes in which I invite you to participate more actively (using breath, movement, voice, imagination, awareness). You can let yourself be pampered, look at issues, be they physical or psychosomatic, embark on an exploration of the inner landscapes of your body or to cultivate your athletic, artistic or occupational movement practice. You can find out more about the therapeutic methods I use in the individual sections of this website. In these sessions, we are more interested in what is going to serve best at this particular moment. This allows for the connections between physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of your issues to unfold in unique ways. We also have more space to use experiential techniques that bring awareness to your body and help transfer the outcomes of the sessions into your everyday life. The Pelvic Floor School offers a strong and supple (literally) base for any other work.

Experiential techniques, Embodied anatomy

If and how we are aware of our body determines whether we notice what is happening with us in the session. This, in turn, impacts whether and how the outcomes of the session impact our daily life. Experiential techniques, embodied anatomy, playing with perception, posture, quality of movement and breath teaches you to notice. We explore principles such as tension and ease, grounding, centering, support of the ground, bones, weight, balance, giving and receiving, contact, trust and boundaries. This work also serves movement practitioners - athletes, dancers, yogis, martial arts practitioners. Body and movement awareness allows for more efficient use of body’s resources, ease and precision of movement.

Subtle techniques

While the body rests peacefully, we work on the theme you wish to explore using tuning forks, precious stones, reiki, breath or guided meditation and visualisation.


  • S sebou prosím pohodlné oblečení, ve kterém se vám dobře pohybuje, pokud možno z přírodních materiálů.