walks with us all the way from the very first moment till the very end of our lives. Without it, nothing happens. It cannot be returned or exchanged. It is worth it to take care of it. Especially since the care tends to also feel delicious.

Whether you need to wind down, be pampered, recharge - relief from pain, tension, stress, fatigue - find freedom of movement, flexibility, balance - use your body’s resources more effectively - bring awareness into the body and listen to the wisdom it carries - we will find the right delicacy just for you.
I love listening to people’s stories, in words or as reflected in the bodies of their owners. I rejoice when people leave with what they came for, without what they came to let go of, or with something they had no idea they could find.


If you are interested in a specific method, your choice is clear. If you are looking to rebuild your posture, increase your performance in your athletic or artistic practice, (re)discover balance, flexibility and freedom of movement, try Rolfing. If you need pampering or if you have specific (or unspecific) issues or aches, choose Now. We’ll discuss your needs and wishes and mix the tastiest, most effective delicacy just for you from the menu: Shiatsu, Thai massage, fascial techniques, the Dorn Method and the Pelvic Floor School. To anchor the touch-based work and help you take the discoveries and experiences from sessions into your everyday life, we will use subtle techniques, experiential techniques, embodied anatomy. If you are pregnant, we usually take the path of shiatsu and subtle techniques.
In my view, the time is always right to pamper one’s body. With a few exceptions. With colds and illnesses, the body is usually too busy dealing the disease to take in the new impulses from the session. It tends to be better to stay at home in bed. (And let me know at least 24 hours ahead.) I am not qualified to help you with health issues in the acute states (blocked backs, whiplashes etc.). Please turn to medical doctors, physical therapists or other persons trained to address such issues. With chronical conditions, we discuss what is possible and beneficial for your system and we monitor closely the impact of our work. Special care is needed in the first three months of pregnancy. Unless we know each other from before your pregnancy, I usually recommend to wait for the second trimester.
At the beginning of the session, we talk about what has brought you, what you’d like and what I can offer you. Once we agree, we work on a massage table or a futon - with varying degrees of your participation. With some methods, you just relax and receive, in others, I invite you participate more actively - using breath, movement, voice, imagination, awareness. At the end, we recap the session and sometimes I offer you games or exercises to play with at home that help anchor the outcomes of the session in your system and your life. Rolfing and Dorn sessions usually happen in underwear and you’ll be testing the changes occurring in sessions in standing and walking. You feeling comfortable is essential, however, so if you’d feel uncomfortable in underwear, choose a swimming suit or shorts. Sports bras are not ideal because middle back can only be accessed with difficulty. For other sessions, please bring comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.
Apart from Rolfing and the Dorn Method, the frequency is up to you, usually at least two weeks. Usually, we decide at the end of the session. For Rolfing, 1 to 2 weeks are ideal between sessions. For Dorn Method, a month is recommended between sessions.

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If you are in a demanding financial situation, do let me know. We can try and find a way for you to receive the care you need.


If you need to cancel or move a session, please let me know at least 24 hours ahead.
After that, the session needs to be paid unless I or you find another client to fill your slot.


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