Pelvic Floor School

For Groups

As developed by a Czech physiotherapist Renata Skálová, this system guides you in creating a deep vibrant relationship with your pelvic floor. Deconstructing widespread myths about the location, engagement and strengthening of the pelvic floor, it weaves together information, exercises and awareness needed to reconnect with, reinhabit and rehabilitate this essential area – our true base. It is greatly beneficial for incontinence, pain and tension in the pelvic area, period pains, painful sexual intercourse, erection disorders, early ejaculation. It helps bring the pelvic floor into shape after childbirth. It also ensures physiologically sound use of the pelvic floor in tantric/Taoist meditation practices. I like to combine this work with touch-based techniques. Touch has a unique way of bringing direct awareness to and feedback from the area itself. It also balances its relationships with surrounding structures, which is essential for its long term well-being.


  • Please bring comfortable clothing easy to move in, preferably from natural fabrics.