Dorn Method

Thai Massage
In Pregnancy

Using gentle pressure and your active cooperation, Dorn Method respectfully slides bones in their joint capsules back into place (from which they may have deviated as a result of the ways we (ab)use our bodies). In a session, the length of the legs gets equalised and through rebalancing of joints in the legs, arms and the spine, the the skeletal system rediscovers its stability and ease. The new equilibrium is anchored by a delicious massage that also nourishes the inter-vertebral discs. You will get tips on how to maintain the new-found balance in your everyday life. Dorn Method can bring significant relief in long term physical (and psychosomatic) issues and pain, especially around the back, joints and headaches. It has shown success with scolioses, period pains and fertility issues. Dorn Method works with the bones. It does not deal with soft tissues surrounding them, which determine the bones’ mutual positioning. Hence the body sometimes reverts to its old patterns and sessions need to be repeated.


  • S sebou prosím pohodlné oblečení, ve kterém se vám dobře pohybuje, pokud možno z přírodních materiálů.