Sexuality Work

Dorn Method
In Pregnancy

Most body-oriented therapeutical systems politely avoid sexuality and the genital area. And yet, this is sometimes precisely where direct attention and care is needed. Before we take off in this direction, I will invite you to explore the broader physical and psychological aspects of your themes in the framework of Now. Understanding these connections and learning to work together in a less charged context makes our journey further down the road much smoother. We also gradually cultivate trust that is so indispensable in this context. You can expect a wide range of touch-based and experiential techniques coming from traditional teachings as well as modern-day methods, above all Reichian bioenergetics.

This work can help you find freedom from tension, pain, numbness, functional issues with finding arousal, orgasms, erection, ejaculation. Very often, these themes are intertwined with questions around your relationship to sensuality and pleasure, as well as shame, fear and guilt. Once these obstacles are out of the way – or if they were not there in the first place – we can explore, expand and cultivate the ways you live with your sexual energy and your relationship to pleasure and bliss.

As my life journey has guided me through very diverse non-traditional communities when it comes to sexual relating (LGBT, non-monogamous, kinky, tantric) and I firmly believe in everyone’s right to follow their unique path to pleasure and bliss, I hold a widely open, deeply respectful space.


  • S sebou prosím pohodlné oblečení, ve kterém se vám dobře pohybuje, pokud možno z přírodních materiálů.